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So many children's books, so little time...

One of my favorite tasks (if you can call it that) when I'm stumped during the writing process is to pack up and visit my local library. I love visiting libraries, discovering a hidden gem in any town, large or small. Librarians take special pride in creating space that is inviting and eye catching. I sit on the floor in the "new picture book" area and pick at least ten books to generate inspiration entertain me.

Let me share three of my favorites from the ten choices this week...

(Always in awe of the authors who can also illustrate)

CAPE written & illustrated by Marty Kelley

I was very entertained by this simple but impactful story of a young boy playing cars in front of his linen closet, one goes in and he goes in after it--finding the CAPE. What follows is a humorous dialogue with his father discussing his newly found superpowers. What was even more exciting was discovering Marty Kelley and his website. Thank you Mr. Kelley!

ROAD TRIP written & illustrated by Steve Light

Bear, Rabbit, Mouse and Donkey set off on a road trip to find a new headlight for Bear's old truck. Let's go--road trip is Bear's call as they head off through the charming world of Whiskers Hollow, where the characters zip around the tree branches in their ultra cool vehicles.

BEST DAY EVER written by Marilyn Singer, illustrated by Leah Nixon

For those of you who know what I write about, you will understand why this sweet story of a boy, his dog and a tennis ball appeal to me. I love the rich, color saturated illustrations that tell this story can't always be the best day ever. I was inspired to read about Leah Nixon, the illustrator of this story. Check her out!

Thanks for listening and stay tuned next month for the next batch of favorite new children's books:)


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