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Adventures of a Texas Blue Heeler

Adventures of a Texas Blue Heeler

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about the author & gunner

Amy Jo lives in Dallas, Texas.  Gunner, the handsome blue heeler belongs to her son and on the days where she shares custody they patrol the neighborhood to visit with Gunner's friends and keep the neighborhood trash free. 

She is inspired by the beauty of wide open spaces, loves to play tennis, ride her bike and drink tea. 

Gunner Cleans Up the Neighborhood is her first book.

Meet Gunner Wallace, a handsome blue heeler from Texas whose pet peeves are pesky squirrels, trash in his neighborhood and litter in his green spaces.  Follow Gunner on his morning patrol as he visits friends and works together with the community to keep his neighborhood clean!


Illustrations by artist Stephanie Fliss Dumas

My Books
My Books

Gunner Cleans Up The Neighborhood

Gunner Meets Daisy

Gunner & Daisy Go To The Ranch

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Gunner & Daisy

Go To The Ranch

I'm proud and super excited to share the next story in the Adventures of a Texas Blue Heeler children's book series.

The release date is Sunday, February 4th, 2024 on Amazon. Get a copy delivered to your door just in time for the little VALENTINE in your life...

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